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You don't have to climb mountains....but you can if you want!

Welcome to Greater Manchester East Scouts DofE Award .

To register for the DofE Award please contact Sheila on 0780 308 4422 or Bernard O'Flaherty on 0776 567 6032. Email Bernard for the latest registration form and prices at bernard.oflaherty@gmescouts.org.uk

Send the registration form to the address on the form. From 01/04/24 Packs cost £28 for Bronze and Silver and £35 for Gold. Cheques payable to "GMECSC" or pay by BANK TRANSFER. Details are on the registration form.

For King's Scout Award information contact Neal and Joanne Charlton 0161 343 2897 or email queenscout@gmescouts.org.uk

Check the News from the County. HQ's. Linnet Clough . DofE. Explorers/Network. Activities. GMN. GMW. Nights Away. Boarfold
You achieve an Award by completing a personal programme of activities in 4 sections (5 if you are doing Gold) These are --- Volunteering --- Physical --- Skills --- Expedition --- Residential. Check here for more information.

You can do --- Bronze age 14 --- Silver age 15 --- or Gold. age 16 --- The Chief Scouts and Kings Scout Awards should be done at the same time. Check the International, Community and Values List in the Awards above. You have until your 25th birthday to complete your Award.

Tips for Leaders

1. First make sure the Explorers/Network members register with us and pay the money before starting on any activities.

2. Make sure your participants go on to edofe and put in their contact details, and have a system of recording what your Explorers/Network members are doing and when they do it, and when they registered.

3. Let your Explorers/Network members decide what they are going to do in the skills, physical and volunteering sections. See here for ideas.

4. Ask someone to be the assessor for what they choose.

5. Check the Expedition requirements (see below) and then decide on dates for the practice and qualifying expeditions.(between 1st April and 31st Oct.) Also don't forget to send us the new form for all practice and qualifying expeditions. (Please email us for the form.)

6. Plan dates for expedition training. Check the requirements for the Expedition here. Also decide on the Expedition Team Goals. Ideas can be found here.

7. Have DofE meetings to check on progress, do training, planning etc..

8. Check out all the campsites in the weblinks, or on the Tameside Explorers site.

9. Once they have finished please check here.

Changes in the Bronze Expedition and Welcome Packs.

Check the changes to the Bronze Expedition here.
Check the changes to Welcome Packs here.

Open Expeditions.

For Explorer or Network participants who have not got a group or enough people to do an expedition with, then there are open groups that you could join.
See the
website in the Opportunity Finder.


All new participants are entered on the eDofE, then participants will receive an email from DofE. Participants must go online and enter their contact details. They will then be sent a Welcome Pack direct to their home by DofE.
Please make sure we have their email or parents email.
Participants can only achieve their award online. For more info. please click

Expedition Assessors

Anyone wanting to assess dofe expeditions has to have completed the Expedition Assessors and Supervisors Course. These courses are run either by the DofE, or through Scouting. Check the courses on offer To do Assessor Reports please click here.
All Assessors have to be reaccredited every 5 years, which is done online in edofe. See here how to request reaccreditation. Please see here for more information.
For gold the assessor needs to be independent of the Unit.
If you need an assessor for your expedition there is an Assessor Directory which you can find here.


Check here for the 10 tips for your first expedition. Green Forms are not required now, but all DofE Expeditions, both Practice and Qualifying must be approved by the County DofE Advisers. Please email us for the new form.
Please check all the things to consider when planning the Expedition.

There are changes to Expeditions that last until 31/10/23. For how to run expeditions from November 23 please see here.


If anyone is doing the volunteering in a Scout Group as a Young Leader they have to do Module A plus 2 hours extra training per level. If they are over 18 then they have to do the Getting Started Modules plus 2 hours extra training per level. Please make sure that this training is recorded in edofe.



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